Corporate Law

Corporate law is a wide-ranging field. By informing yourself of the legal framework and following the advice of a professional, you can optimise the success of your business. We can advise you on a number of business-related matters, including the fields listed below:  

Company Formation

The first step to success for many companies – particularly if there is more than one founder – is choosing the appropriate legal form for the company.

You have to consider and weigh organisational as well as financial and security aspects.

We will gladly take the time to support you with the choice of the appropriate corporate form!

The next step is drafting the formation documents, which have to take into account the individual situation of the company and the situation of all partners.

We will gladly suggest common provisions and adapt or augment them according to your wishes. We can also advise you on the available support schemes for start-ups.

As soon as the documents have been approved by the tax advisor, the contract can be closed. This can either be done via a notarial deed or through the authentication of the founders’ signatures. This will ensure the legally required form, while putting the content of the contract and the time of signing on record. 

We will gladly issue the notarial deed for joint stock companies and limited liability companies. For all other company forms, we can authorise the foundation documents for proof. If your start-up contract has been drafted by a lawyer, we will do a share certificate in order to comply with the correct form.  

All documents for the formation of the enterprise as well as all necessary ancillary documents have to be drafted, the enterprise taxes have to be calculated if applicable, and afterwards all necessary documents have to be deposited with the Commercial Registry. 

We will gladly draft the ancillary documents for you and deposit all documents with the Commercial Registry electronically.

Once you have founded your company, changes in the Commercial Registry entry may require notarial certification. 

Transfer of corporate shares (contract of assignment):

For limited liability companies, all transfers of company shares have to be certified by a notarial deed. All other enterprise forms also commonly obtain notarial certification of their contracts of assignment. Tax matters must also be taken into consideration and the entry in the Commercial Registry must be modified. 

We will gladly draft assignment documents and do the entries in the Commercial Registry for you. 

Trusteeship of corporate shares and their collateralisation:

In some cases the economic owner and the legally attested owner according to the Commercial Registry are not the same person.

We gladly advise you on legally allowed cases and will draft the trusteeship contract and a reassignment offer for your collateralisation.

Capital Measures

Within the life-span of an enterprise, it may be necessary to change the capital fund due to advice from the tax advisor, at the request of the house bank or due to the decision of the partners / shareholders.

We will gladly carry out the required capital measures in case the capital fund of your company is too high or too low.

Corporate Restructuring Law

Corporate restructuring commonly means changing from one legal form to another. There are various reasons for restructuring, from considerations of decreased liability to optimising the enterprise for tax reasons.

We will gladly carry out your restructuring process – in cooperation with your tax advisor.


Similar to the founding of a company, liquidation is an important decision. Choosing the right moment is especially vital. Liquidation is done in several steps leading to the cancellation of the entry in the Commercial Registry. 

We will gladly advise and accompany you with this process.